Alfa Laval marine’s steps towards gender equality

‘Today, women represent only 1.2% percent of the global seafarer workforce as per the BIMCO/ICS 2021 Seafarer Workforce Report. This represents a positive trend in gender balance, with the report estimating 24,059 women serving as seafarers, which is a 45.8% increase compared with the 2015 report.’

IMO has been making a concrete effort to help the industry move forward and support women to achieve a representation that is in keeping with twenty-first century expectations. Alfa Laval supports IMO and UN gender equality goals and is continuously taking the needful steps to contribute to them.

Last week, Alfa Laval Aalborg office organized a science day for elementary school girls inspiring them to learn more about the field of science. It was a successful event where we saw the curious minds wanting to know more.

Meet Chyna Hepburn

Chyna Hepburn holds a Marine Engineering degree, a third assistant engineer license and has joined Alfa Laval as a field engineer.

This 23-year-old has since childhood been keen on joining marine. “Going on a ship is like another home. It is natural for me” says Chyna when asked about how she feels to be onboard for a long period of time. “Marine engineering has been a male dominated area, but it is changing now”, says Chyna while talking about her university days where there were very few girls in her course.

She is passionate to serve the marine industry and enjoys the advantages that comes along. “While working I get to travel the world. Sunsets on the ship, and the view of the starts in the night is surreal when aboard”, says Chyna.

We at Alfa Laval are delighted to have Chyna onboard.